Our services


    Creation and management of online shops on Chinese platforms, cross-border e-commerce, logistics …
  • Communication

    Strategy, content and SEO, management of social networks and influencers, advertising campaigns …
  • Consulting

    Training, market researches, protecting interests, support …


We support you to further expand your market and achieve your sales goals through cross-border e-commerce and general trade.

  • Cross-border e-commerce

    Thanks to cross-border e-commerce, we offer you a shortcut to enter the Chinese market. We will help you set up and manage online stores in China.
  • General trade

    Our Chinese commercial agency Shanghai Citron Trading, based on its outstanding knowledge of the local market and its professional networks, will help you commercialise and launch your products onto Chinese market.
  • Logistics solutions

    Collaborating with international express logistics companies, we guarantee you the storage of your products, their delivery as well as products registration with the Chinese customs.


We build efficient multichannel strategies in order to boost your brand awareness and stimulate positive feedbacks from your potential Chinese clients.

Social media

We are in charge of building your brand visibility via various local social media platforms, so that Chinese customers get to know about you and your products. Moreover, we will help you to create adaptive contents (live-streaming, videos, photos, etc…).


Influencers play key roles on the Chinese market. It is time to take advantage of this phenomena to develop your business in China. Thanks to our strong network, we can find your ideal image ambassador.

Advertising campaign

With an original, tailored and adaptive content on each social media platform, we are able to build your brand presence for Chinese consumers ( sales promotion, new release, translation, etc ).


We will help you deepen your understanding of the Chinese market and guide your development.


We offer cultural training to get you fully prepared to enter the Chinese market.

Market research

We bring you a complete solution :
• estimating your target market size, its profitability and its growth trend
• inquiring about the policies and barriers for entering the Chinese market
• calculating your products potential.

Brand Protection

We commit to maintaining your corporate reputation and value while protecting your brand on the Chinese market. We strive to construct and protect your image when giving your company a proper Chinese name.

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