About us

Wooyart is a distributor specializing in the export of French and European cosmetic products on the Chinese market. Our Chinese name – “無涯”(Wu Ya) – is quoted from the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi (BC369-BC286), meaning endless and boundless. With our enriched experience and vast distribution networks, as well as an excellent understanding of French and Chinese culture, our team is committed to accompanying our partners to achieve their success in the Chinese market.


Shuo Zhang

Fondateur & CEO

Roxanne QI

Operation Directeur

Shawn GAO

Communication director


Olivier Racle


Chris YU

Our agencies

Paris & Lyon

  • Services in French and English
  • Analysis of your products by your side
  • Meetings and reports in person
  • Payments in euros
  • European law of contract

Beijing & Shanghai

  • Comprehensive understanding of local market
  • Analysis of market’s data
  • Localized communication strategy
  • Responsiveness and spontaneity
  • Compliance with Chinese regulations

Wooyart Group

Our partners

en europe

Paris2Beijing Cosmyth ETO Express 申通国际 Mon ami français 法国朋友 WL Produnctions INGC Produnctions

en chine

Starcom So What RS.ACT 锐思 dwp Yi Yan Beauty Trans Cloud 创思云联

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